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How to Wash Three Poodle Wearable Blanket Hoodie?

by Little Panda 08 Jul 2022 0 Comments

“Can you tell me how to wash blanket hoodie?”

This is a frequently asked question we received. Compared with other pieces of bedding, the wearable blanket is more prone to stains like food, hair, coffee, or tea spills. Because you can do anything you want wearing a blanket hoodie. But many customers still don’t know how to wash it after purchasing a wearable blanket and worry that the wrong way to wash it will make it no longer soft. Here is a Three Poodle washing instructions to help you solve this problem.


Part 1: What Do We Need to Prepare?

  • A bucket
  • Prepare cold water or lukewarmwater
  • A laundry detergent with free of bleach
  • A mesh laundry bag for machine washing


Part 2: The Step of Cleaning Wearable Blanket

Step 1: Clean up stains

Soak the clothes in cold or lukewarm water with a little laundry detergent first. Wait for 10 minutes, then gently press the stained area with a paper towel or rag. This step is to clean the surface stains and prevent the stains from spreading to other places.


Step 2: Washing

After the initial cleaning of the stain, we can start washing.

About washing, there have two ways. One is washing by hand, another is washing by machine.

Washing by Hand

Firstly, you need to fill the bucket with cold water or lukewarm water. And add one scoop of washing detergent into the bucket.

Secondly, put the wearable blanket into the bucket. Wait until it's completely soaked and then rub it lightly. Pay attention to cleaning up the area of the stains.

Then, it’s turn to clean up the foam. You should take the wearable blanket out of the bucket, dump dirty water with foam and refill the bucket with clean water. And put the blanket hoodie into the bucket again. Gently drag it back and forth in the bucket to rinse off any residual suds and laundry detergent.

Finally, rinse again. Ensure the wearable blanket is clean and has no stains and foam.


Washing by Machine

Place the wearable blanket in a mesh laundry bag, and put it into the washing machine. This step is to prevent fraying when washed with other clothes. Be careful to wash with clothes of the same color to avoid color mixing. Then you can add the laundry detergent with free of bleach and start the washing machine. Be careful to use cold or lukewarm water, not hot water.


Step 3: Dry

The usual ways to dry the wearable blanket is by the dryer or natural dry.

About using a dryer, you should use it with low heat mode. Avoiding the high heat will damage the fabric. And do not iron it, because it will melt the fabric and leave marks on the fleece blanket hoodie.

About natural dry, you need to drain the water of the wearable blanket completely by pressing way first. If you feel difficult to drain the water because of the material. Please be careful and do not be in a rush. The next thing you need to do after draining the water is to hang it outdoors and wait to dry.



It’s simple to wash the Three Poodle wearable blanket hoodie. Try to wash it with the above steps! Then you will own a clean and good-smelling blanket hoodie.

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