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Threepoodle was founded in 2021, the oversized blanket hoodie is where our story begins.

"Winter months, cold weather affects us physically and emotionally. We feel more anxious and stressed when the temperature drops.
With less energy and motivation, more bedtime and couch time in winter, I faced the same situation. A blanket keeps us warm and comfortable, but we can't carry a blanket moving around the house or go outside.
One day, I buried myself on the couch with a blanket over me to keep out the cold. My three poodles played around me, and I stared at their soft and fluffy hair. Suddenly, I realized, why can't we make clothes out of a blanket-like material to keep us warm and ease? So everything began.
Threepoodle also got its name from my three poodles."

——Michael, co-founder of Threepoodle

Their Stories with Threepoodle

Threepoodle provides soft, warm, and cozy apparel and footwear. We are guided to help people enjoy a comfortable and relaxed life wherever they are. We've had an impressive run on Amazon all over the past two years. We've got thousands of five-star reviews, now we can't wait to share their smiles with you:

"This is my comfort blanket now. Not only do I love it but my kids do too. They want one of their own. It’s cozy, warm, and so soothing when I don’t feel well. I absolutely recommend it!"

"I LOVE this!! I’m 5’8” and ordered the adult extra long. It fit me and my fiancé and I just ordered three more for my my entire household!! This is so soft. So cute. And came SO early!! Definitely purchase of you want something warm to snuggle down in. Absolutely would recommend to ANYONE!"

"This blanket exceeded all my expectations and then some!!!! I am a "very fluffy" person and I was so pleasantly please at how spacious and huge this hoodie was! Not to mention the quality. The cherry on top is the glow in the dark stars! Overall best birthday gift to myself ever!!!"

"Very cute and warm! My son loves the teddy bear ears!"

"I loved it so much I ordered my mom one. It's so soft cuddly and comfortable plus it keeps me warm so I can be comfortable in the house and so can everyone else."

"Love this product even more than any other brand"

"I had no idea a sweatshirt could be so luxurious. It’s wonderful."

"Way better than I thought it would be. Friggin awesome! I immediately got me one too."

"All 3 of us love the size, comfort, warmth and softness! My husband said this was the best gift ever! We can’t wait to take a family picture when my son’s arrives!"

"So soft and warm. Would buy again. I’m 5’7 and a size 14 this Snuggie is extra big. As I’m showing."

"it’s like wearing a squishmallow i’m literally so obsessed"

"I bought this as a birthday gift for my friend in South Africa, she loved it. It's best winter gift, I am considering getting one for myself this coming winter. I think it would be worthy keeping one in my car just in case I find myself trapped in a snow blizzard. "

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