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3 Reasons Why You Need a Wearable Blanket

by Little Panda 08 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Mentioning wearable blankets, most people know little about them. I believe that many people choose to wear a lot of clothes to keep warm on cold days. But wearing too many clothes will make us very bulky and inconvenient. At this time, we need a wearable blanket to let us free. If you don’t know why we need a wearable blanket, this blog will tell you the reasons.


Part 1: What Is Wearable Blanket?

Generally, the wearable blanket is an upgrade type of blanket. It combines the blanket and loungewear, Retains the warmth of blankets and the comfort of loungewear. It means you can wear it instead of put on top of your body. You don’t need to hold the blanket and worry about it will fall.

Part 2: Why We Need a Wearable Blanket?

Keep Warm and Cozy

Compared with the traditional blanket, the wearable blanket is designed to fit our bodies, and will not let the wind blow in easily. The oversized blanket hoodie can cover most of our bodies and also our heads, making us warm.

Free to Do Everything Wearing a Wearable Blanket

We can move freely wearing a wearable blanket. For example, when we are working and using our laptop on the sofa or bed at home, the traditional blanket is difficult to cover your arms or you need to hold on to the blanket. But the cozy blanket hoodie can perfectly cover our arms and legs. We don’t need to worry about how to warm our arms and can do our work freely. Also, we can wear a wearable blanket in the office. It can be worn over your outside clothes. While bringing you warmth, it does not affect your clothing collocation.

Save Heating Costs

As we all know, heating costs take up a large part in winter. Because people will turn on the heating in winter to keep warm. At this time, wearing a wearable blanket not only can keep warm but also can save heating costs. Although we can't rely entirely on it not using heating, we can wear it to turn down the heating, still keep warm, and save heating costs.

Part 3: Why Choose Three Poodle Blanket Hoodie?


The material of the Three Poodle wearable blanket hoodie is super soft Sherpa fleece. The super plush can wrap you comfortably,  you can sleep wearing it without affecting you to stretch your body.



  • The entire hoodie stops wind completely and the hood protects the
  • You don’t need to roll up your sleeves, it has cuffs that hold bulky sleeves back.
  • The oversized blanket hoodie has a cute print on it and cute animal ears on the hat. Not only can you wear it at home, but also when you go out.
  • It can be washed by hand or machine.Its softness stays the same after washing.



Three Poodle is devoted to bringing a comfortable and warm experience and good service to customers and providing good pre-sales and after-sales service. If you have any questions about the Three Poodle wearable blanket, please feel free to contact us( We will help you sincerely.




I believe that you know entirely why we need a wearable blanket after reading this blog. Now try to wear it and enjoy the warmth it brings to you!

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