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Animal Hooded Blanket: A necessities in Daily Life

by Little Sloth 21 Oct 2022 0 Comments

I believe many people feel this way, right? When the weather is cold, no matter if you are at work, in a classroom, or in a dormitory, if there is no heating, it is going to get colder and colder, and even typing requires courage. People like us, office workers, can only sleep on the table at noon, feel uncomfortable wearing too much clothing, and cannot sleep because of the cold. I miss the quilt at home! At this time, it is very necessary to bring a warm blanket that is easy to carry and can keep you warm all over your body.

Why Do We Need an Animal Hooded Blanket?

The hooded sloth blanket adopts a double-sided thick fleece design, plush sherpa fleece lining, and super soft micro mink fleece on the flip side. The super soft micro mink fleece is tight and delicate, and incredibly soft. It feels like I'm licking the fluff of a fluffy milk cat, and my heart melts. The lining is made of sherpa fleece, which is warm, cozy, comfortable, and skin-friendly, storing a lot of heat, and when covered, it can form a thermal insulation layer on the human body and warm every part of the body.

Not easy to shed, not easy to pill. In addition to the materials used, this animal shawl blanket also has very superior workmanship in terms of craftsmanship. Surface fluff fastness is very high. Even if the surface is scuffed vigorously, it will not lose hair.

Wearable Blanket with Hood: How Does It Work?

When you are working, you can put the wearable blanket with a hood directly on your legs. The warmth spreads from your legs to your whole body. This means that you don't have to shake your legs from the cold in winter. It can be used as a quilt, and it is especially suitable for taking a nap in the office. There are buttons in the middle of the blanket. Button it easily and it becomes a shawl. Friends who are afraid of the cold put on this lazy blanket in the office, which is much more convenient than wearing a coat. And there are 2 cute pockets. You can even put your hands in 2 pockets to keep warm when it is cold.

Where Can the Hooded Wearable Blanket Be Used?

The dormitory in winter is really cold. There is no heater. Sitting on a chair will feel a bit chilly, but you can't stay in bed all the time. Quickly prepare a wearable blanket with hood. Wearing it when reading books, playing with mobile phones, or watching TV, the cold feeling will no longer bother you.

The postgraduate entrance examination party also wants to buy a sherapa blanket. Students who sit in the library all day are prone to getting cold hands and feet because the blood circulation isn't smooth. A hooded animal blanket keeps you warm all the time.


When a girl with a cold body is in her period, they can wear the hooded wearable blanket in the office. This is warm and very comfortable, and produces better results than just drinking more hot water.


The hooded wearable blanket for adults is not only a nap blanket but also as a quilt; when heading out to play, or taking a long-distance car, it can be utilized as a knee blanket, which not only keeps warm but also prevents it from running out; it can also be used as an air-conditioning blanket in an air-conditioned room in summer. There are so many ways to use it, one blanket is equivalent to a hundred blankets.

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