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Upgraded Design: The New-Arrival Extra-long Wearable Blanket Is 30% Longer Than Others

by Little Sloth 21 Oct 2022 0 Comments

In winter, everyone dreams of being in bed all the time. It's a pity that people can't hide under a quilt all day long, and they can't wrap themselves in a thick quilt when you get up. That's when you need to give up the quilt and throw yourself into the arms of a cute hooded blanket! Whether you are working from home, reading, playing with mobile devices, or watching TV at home, a blanket sweatshirt will keep you warm no matter what you are doing. If you don't want to wear a padded jacket after taking a shower at night, it also can be used as pajamas, which is soft, fluffy, and warm.

Innovation of the New Arrival Wearable Hoodie Blanket

With the recently launched wearable blankets, we added a 30% longer design that's based on the original wearable blanket. This design reaches the calf in more places, providing warmth like sitting around a stove. It can be a comfortable companion while reading, playing video games, or taking a nap on the couch this winter. This is especially useful in areas colder than the Northern Hemisphere, where the blanket can allow you to handle the low temperatures more easily.

Benefits of 30% Longer Design

  • Fully Wrap Yourself to Keep Warm

Added 30% longer, the blanket hoodie is a tiny bit roomier and longer when compared to an ordinary wearable sweatshirt. A hooded blanket can provide a certain level of warmth and prevent cold symptoms in people who are relatively weak, if they sleep in it at night. If our physical condition isn't very healthy, if we're weak, we can wear it to sleep. It is common for people to fall asleep dishonestly and kick the quilt. In fact, when people fall asleep, their pores are open and they are susceptible to colds. As an example, a cold is caused by a cold after sleeping. Wearing it can help you resist the cold after sleeping.

  • Prevent the Loss of Heat and Help You Fall Asleep

Featuring a premium sherpa lining that is light, soft, comfortable, flexible, breathable, and feels like cotton, the wearable blanket hoodie brings you softness and coziness wherever you are. It is thick enough to keep the body warm by trapping radiant body heat that otherwise would be lost through convection. 

There is no feeling of wearing a blanket, and the body can still stretch as much as possible despite how soft it is.Sherpa is breathable and sweat-absorbing inside, which can keep the skin dry and cool; it is soft and comfortable, and it is not easy to rub too hard against the skin, reducing damage to the skin. Only by creating a conducive sleeping environment can you have peaceful sleep, and it can help you improve the quality of sleep.


The winter months can bring long nights of shivering on the couch. There's nothing more annoying than a blanket that just keeps slipping off, or that you have to keep dragging behind you when you get up to walk around.

In addition, a plain hoodie, jacket or sweater is an uncomfortable and awkward solution to keeping warm during the freezing winter months. Why not combine the two? The extra-long wearable blanket will keep you comfortable and warm this winter.

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