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New Arrival: Upgraded Avocado Wearable Hoodie Blanket

by Little Sloth 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Clearly, the winter is getting chilly, and the "low-temperature record" is constantly updated. The chilly weather will have a profound impact on people's lives. THREE POODLE hooded wearable blankets are committed to delivering a warm and cozy lifestyle for the winter months. It aims to create a comfortable lifestyle for young and old, men and women living in cold climates. The cold winter months make watching television in the living room very difficult. Staying up late to play games, and sitting for a long time, you will feel your whole body temperature dropping very quickly. As it works like a stove, you can immerse myself in entertainment without being affected by outside factors.

This upgraded milk avocado wearable blanket is based on the old-style avocado wearable blanket, but with some additions or changes. There are mainly 3 aspects:

Color Upgrade

The upgraded milk avocado oversized wearable blanket hoodie features dark green color for the first time; "GREEN" is the color of nature, health, youth, spring, hope, and envy. This color can positively affect thinking, relationships, and physical health. And it is also thought to relieve stress and help heal. You'll often find green in the decor of medical facilities. So this oversized blanket sweatshirt is not only a warm artifact, but it also heals your mood. The outer of the wearable hoodie blanket is lightweight plush microfleece, and the inside lining features a fluffy and comfortable sherpa. You fit completely on the couch as if someone is hugging you when you pull your legs into a fluffy sherpa.

Adding New Patterns: Letters & Eggs Printing

We've added "MILK&TOAST" letters and cartoon egg patterns except for avocado and bread, so we hope you stay innocent and energetic. Unique printing and color-matching patterns are printed from high-definition photos. The excellent printing technology ensures that the patterns on the surface of the wearable sweatshirt will not fade or discolor easily. Compared to other hooded blankets, this one is more attractive and suitable for a variety of occasions without seeming abrupt.

30% Longer Design

THREE POODLE wearable blanket hoodie combines the comfort of a soft blanket with the ease of a hoodie to meet the warmth of young and middle-aged people's needs and fashion pursuits. The oversized blanket sweatshirt is 30% longer than others, making them more comfortable to wear. It allows you to easily tuck your legs into the wearable blanket, while the plush sherpa lining keeps you warm. No matter whether you're at home, watching TV, working on your laptop, camping, attending sporting events, concerts, walking your pets, or any other activities, it's like a giant cloud hugging you to keep you warm and comfortable. It is concerned with their well-being, especially during the long and cold winter, helping people stay indoors and outdoors in winter with comfort and warmth.


It is without a doubt essential for our everyday life to have a hooded wearable blanket that can be used all year, regardless of the season or occasion. Then you can check out the THREE POODLE milk avocado wearable blanket hoodie. In addition to the convenience and warmth of a wearable blanket, the new-launch hooded blanket is also highly appealing due to its bright color, pattern elements and 30% longer design, meeting most young's needs.

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