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How to Hold a Unique Halloween Party

by Little Sloth 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

How to make creative themes for year after year horror-themed Halloween parties. When you're tired of a plain Halloween party and want to capture the right balance of fun and warmth. This is synonymous with creative and unique Halloween parties. To do this, you’re going to need to do some planning ahead of time. It is here to make sure you don’t miss anything and have a memorable time.

Part 1: Pick a Theme
Whether it’s puns, your favorite TV show, or 90s pop culture, setting a theme - and getting really into it with costumes and decor - will take your party from forgettable to legendary. If you are bored with the traditional Halloween party's theme-scary elements. We have a wearable blanket party theme that is comfortable and home-style. 

Abandoning traditional Halloween costumes, you can hold a warm theme party. Wearable blanket hoodies are provided to guests, which are oversized, warm, and cozy. Comfortable design relaxes visitors and relieves their stress from work/study. Your clothing distinguishes others, attracting the attention and appreciation of your neighbors.

Part 2: Set a Date and Time and Send Invitations
You can use your DIY skills and create some memorable and funny invites to send out to your guests. This is also a convenient time to state if your party will be practicing social distancing. There is one thing you should remember: whether you’re sending out invitations in the mail, email, or text you’re typically going to need to invite people at least a week in advance. Halloween season has a lot of parties, if you want people to show up you’re going to have to give people time to schedule it.


Part 3: Makes a List

Before you go to the store, you’ve got to know what you’re purchasing. Now that you have a rough idea of how many people are coming you can figure out how much food you’re expected to need. If it’s an adult-oriented party you’re also going to have to think about how much alcohol you’re likely to need. Here’s a basic list of things you’ll probably want to get:

  • Food
  • Dim Sum Material
  • Non-alcoholic Drinks
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Decorations
  • GameToys



Part 4: Plan Activities

Scavenger Hunt: Bring fun and adventure to your Halloween party with a themed scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into teams to hunt for items on the list. Whichever team wins gets to enjoy a delicious cold drink.


Halloween Charades: This activity is great if you’re hanging out with a group of friends or if you’re with family members. Just swap in Halloween-themed phrases and clues!

Mad Scientist Guessing Game: Cut a hole in a box or fill non-transparent jars with funky-textured foods. Let your guests guess what’s inside by using their hands to feel what’s inside.

Murder Mystery: If you have a large enough group, plan a murder mystery game for a chilling touch to your party.


Halloween is a night of fun and fantasy — and there is no better excuse to gather with close friends or family on a cool autumn night. We've got yummy treats and drinks, fall flower decor, and a costume idea-wearable sweatshirt for adults that's sure to make it a warm night to remember.

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