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Enjoy the Winter in a Wearable Blanket Hoodie

by Little Sloth 17 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Winter means chilly days and super cold evenings. We understand that chilly weather can deter you from being outdoors and make staying indoors more enjoyable. Thankfully, Threepoodle wearable blanket is here to help keep all your winter activities cozy, whether you’re inside or out! It makes you feel less afraid of cold weather.

What is a Wearable Blanket Hoodie?

When you are doing indoor or outdoor activities, the wearable blanket hoodie will keep you warm and cozy. The extra-large plush hood keeps your head toasty warm, and the hem is long and wide enough to wrap your legs free to move. In addition, you can store small items, such as your smartphone, remote control, snacks, or others, in the pocket in front of the oversized blanket sweatshirt.

How Can a Hooded Blanket Be Used?
This oversized blanket hoodie combines the warmth of a soft blanket with the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt. Due to its convenient design, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • IndoorActivities:

Making a Dinner:

Cooking a meal becomes a big problem in winter. The weight of the coat hinders your hands’ movement. At the same time, you will also be afraid of water or other things soiling your exquisite coat. A wearable blanket solves you problems. The oversized design makes you move freely and flexibly, and the elastic cuffs allow for easy lifting and lowering of your hands. What's more, it's quite convenient to roll up your sleeves when you're in the kitchen so that they don't slip down to soil your cuffs.

Working at Home: 

Due to the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people work at home and adhere to the concept of not getting out as much as possible and spending much time at home. Besides, what we wear also changes because of a long time at home. Clothing items that are comfortable and cozy are becoming increasingly popular, such as a hooded blanket. It becomes your most suitable option for homewear while staying at home. The wearable blanket hoodie comes with Sherpa material inside to keep warm. Put it on and you’ll never feel cold again. 


Relaxing at Home:

The wearable blanket hoodie is a companion that keeps you warm and cozy while you are lounging, watching TV, gaming, reading, napping, etc. It’s incredibly soft and one size fits all to keep you cozy and warm from head to toe. Just slip it on, and the chill is banished. 

  • OutdoorActivities:

Go Travel:

Outdoor adventurers would agree that it's advisable to dress warmly when participating in chilly activities. If you're camping, traveling, or going for an outdoor adventure along the ice with your friends, wearing a hooded blanket is an excellent option for regulating your body temperature.


Join in Family Party in Backyard:

The perfect time to enjoy delicious hot cocoa! Gather the family to enjoy festive holiday decorations, shows, and traditions in the backyard. Keeping everyone warm in matching hooded blankets is a cozy way to get into the holiday spirit and stand out from the crowd.


Take a Walk:
Take a walk after dinner! Sitting for a long time or lying down immediately after eating is harmful for our body. However, the cold weather may discourage people from spending time outside and reducing their amount of exercise. Do not worry, our wearable blanket for adults will help you solve this problem. Wearing this warm and cozy hooded blanket, you don't need to wear many clothes. In addition, the oversized design leaves plenty of space without feeling constrained.


Not only for indoor activities, the wearable blanket keeps you warm for all your favorite outdoor activities as well. It will be your most valuable companion this winter, especially with heating costs at an all-time high.

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