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Enjoy Your Warm Camping with Wearable Blanket

by Little Panda 02 Aug 2022 0 Comments

For every outdoor enthusiast, it’s essential to be well prepared before starting outdoor activities.

Keeping warm is important for your outdoor activities to run smoothly, especially for camping enthusiasts. When camping, the cold can affect not only your camping progress but your mood as well.

So how to stay warm while camping? The answer is to bring a wearable blanket! If you bring it for camping, you can have all-day warmth to enjoy your camping time.


Part 1:Why We Need Wearable Blanket in Camping?

People usually choose the campsite in a shady spot to avoid the sun, such as near a lake or river, or a place with lots of trees. Because the sun will not only affect the mood of camping but also may cause heat stroke.

Likewise, these places are also colder at night due to the large temperature difference between morning and night. So we need a wearable blanket at this time, that not only can keep warm but also have a cute appearance.

Three Poodle is dedicated to producing a comfortable and warm wearable blanket for our customers. Our products range widely, such as TV blankets, animal hooded blankets, and wearable blankets. The style of the wearable blanket hoodie is also diverse, like animal, fruit, and luminous.


Part 2: The Benefits of Wearable Blanket in Camping

  • Keep Warm

The campsite is usually cold at night because of the temperature difference outdoors. Compared with the traditional blanket, the wearable blanket is more suitable for our body. Most of our bodies and also our heads can easily cover by the oversized blanket hoodie, making us warm.


And the material of the Three Poodle wearable blanket hoodie is mostly fleece and sherpa. These two fabrics are both can keep people warm. If you know little about these two material, here is a blog to tell you the differences: Sherpa and Fleece Blanket Hoodie, What's the Difference?

  • Convenience

Compared with the traditional blanket and thick clothes, the wearable blanket is more convenient. We can move freely wearing a wearable blanket while camping. Especially at the campsite, there is a lot of dust and dirt. Traditional Blankets can easily come off the body and fall to the ground. But the cozy blanket hoodie can perfectly cover our arms and legs, we don’t worry it will fall. It also has cuffs that hold bulky sleeves back. This provides convenience for us to a certain extent during outdoor camping activities.

  • Cute Appearance

Three Poodle wearable blanket has a variety of cute print designs, as well as ear shapes on hats. The cute animal shapes of the wearable blanket satisfy your love for cute items. You can choose the animal or cute print you like. I know that people usually dress up before going out, and outdoor camping is a good time to take pictures with family or friends. Don’t worry about it! The wearable blanket can be worn over your outside clothes. While bringing you warmth, it does not affect your clothing collocation. You can take it off when taking pictures.


When you're camping outdoors, it is valuable to bring a wearable blanket. You don’t have to worry about the low temperature outdoors after wearing a wearable blanket, Three Poodle can ensure you enjoy comfortable and warm camping with peace of mind.

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