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What Can a Blanket with Sleeves Be Used For?

by Little Sloth 29 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Have you ever experienced a situation where you didn't get your warmth despite wearing a lot of clothes? This sleeved blanket ensures that you’re as cozy and warm as possible this fall and winter (it can also work in air-conditioned rooms in summer). It is an ideal gift for holidays or festivals for someone you love. The wearable blanket with sleeves will be a companion whether it's summer or winter; indoor activities (reading, gaming/taking a nap, etc.) or outdoor activities (camping/hiking, etc.)


What is a blanket with sleeves?

A sleeved blanket is an extra-long blanket with sleeves made of fleece material. It is similar to a bathrobe but designed to be worn backwards. And there is an opening in the back of the blanket with arms. The sleeves have a creative design that allows you to move your hands freely and flexibly. And the sleeved blanket covering your body will not slip down, preventing you from getting a cold, keeping you warm and cozy when you lay on the bed/sofa.


What can you use a sleeved blanket for

    • Taking a nap at home/office with a wearable blanket with sleeves

      An afternoon power nap can recharge your body and mind—providing you with the needed energy to tackle the second half of your day, making you more creative, active, and energetic and finishing your work at a high-efficient level. The Threepoodle blanket with arm holes is a handy companion to solve the problem of keeping warm when you are taking a nap on the sofa. It is also useful during lunch breaks. It creates a comfortable and soft sleeping environment for you. And you are enveloped in warmth and will fall asleep faster and better wearing this blanket with sleeves.

        • Regulate your temperature both in winter and summer with a blanket with arms

          A person's temperature decreases at night. And the temperature of your hands and feet will drop very quickly if you sit for a long time. So, you can prepare a wearable blanket with sleeves that can wrap you completely to regulate your body temperature in real-time before staying up late to watch a show/play a game, etc. Besides, it can keep you warm outdoors, such as camping, hiking, short-term trips, etc.

            • Avoid catching a cold with a blanket with arm holes

              Yes, in modern life, most people spend the whole day in air-conditioned rooms in summer. However, it is harmful to your body if you are exposed to an air conditioner every day. A sleeved blanket helps block the wind so you won't catch a cold.

              In winter, this blanket with arms keeps you warm indoors without wearing much clothing. As opposed to traditional sofa blankets, sleeved blankets cover your entire body. Wearable blankets with sleeves allow you to avoid holding the blanket every time to prevent it from sliding off your body. So, you can wear it to do anything you want, like watching TV, eating, walking the dog or napping, etc. Besides, you do not need to worry that the blanket with arms will slip off your body when you sleep.

                • Heal your mood with a fleece blanket with sleeves

                  The wearable blanket with arms is made of premium fleece fiber that is light, soft, comfortable, flexible, warm, and breathable, and features high inter-fiber density and cotton-like touch feelings, bringing you softness and coziness wherever you are. Wrapped up in a sleeved blanket, it appears that someone is helping chase your anxiety or stress away from your daily life. In stressful situations, the blanket with sleeves acts as a friend who gives you a big hug.



                  There is no doubt that a blanket with arms is necessary for our daily life, which can be used all year round, without regard to the season or occasion. If you have questions about the Three Poodle wearable blanket, please don’t hesitate to contact We will help you sincerely.

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