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The Pros and Cons of a Blanket With Sleeves

by Little Sloth 26 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Have you ever experienced a situation where you didn't get your warmth despite wearing a lot of clothes? Have you ever caught a cold because you took a nap on the sofa without a blanket? This sleeved blanket helps you solve this problem, so you can stay as cozy and warm as possible during the fall and winter, and you can also use it in air-conditioned rooms during the summer.

Part 1: What Is a Blanket with Sleeves?

sleeved blanket is an extra-long blanket with sleeves made of fleece material. It is similar to a bathrobe but designed to be worn backwards. And there is an opening in the back of the blanket with arms. The sleeves have a creative design that allows you to move your hands freely and flexibly. And the sleeved blanket covering your body will not slip down, preventing you from getting a cold, keeping you warm and cozy when you lay on the bed/sofa.

Part 2: What Are the Pros and Cons of Blanket With Sleeves?

There are the pros and cons of the blanket with sleeves.

  • Pros of Blanket with Sleeves:

With Sleeves

The Threepoodle blanket with arm holes is a handy companion to solve the problem of keeping warm when you are taking a nap on the sofa. The blanket with arm holes is convenient for you to wear. You do not worry about it slipping down when you fall asleep during lunch breaks or nap on the sofa. It creates a comfortable and soft sleeping environment for you. And you are enveloped in warmth and will fall asleep faster and better wearing this blanket with sleeves.

With a Large Pocket

The sleeved blanket comes with a front kangaroo pocket pouch that is excellent for storing small items, such as smartphones, remote control, snacks, books, tablet, or others, free your hands. Not only that, use it to keep your hands warm while you watch a good movie on the sofa.


Keep Warm and Cozy: Sherpa Lining

The wearable blanket with arm holes comes with a sherpa lining. This lining is light, soft, comfortable, flexible, warm, breathable, and feels like cotton, bringing you softness and coziness wherever you are. Sherpa lining has surged in popularity, favored for its modern features, cold-weather performance, and vintage style cues. The blanket with sleeves is thick enough to keep the body warm by trapping radiant body heat that otherwise would be lost through convection. With this blanket with sleeves, you may feel as if you've rolled in a blanket without actually being wrapped in one. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The wearable blanket hoodie is both machine washed (packaged in a laundry bag) and hand washed in cold water, and then tumbles dry on low heat, with no ironing or expensive cleaning required. This oversized hooded blanket stays the same after every wash.

  • Pros of Blanket with Sleeves:

Sleeved Blanket Without a Hood

A sleeved blanket is more like a blanket with extra sleeves and pockets. But the oversized blanket sweatshirt comes with a big hood that keeps your head toasty and warm. In addition, there is enough space for you to move your head freely. So, the wearable blanket is more warm and cozy than a blanket with sleeves.

Limited Application Occasions

Due to its opening in the back, the blanket with sleeves has limited application opportunities. Compared with a wearable blanket hoodie, this one is more suitable for indoor activities, such as the living room, bedroom, hotel, etc.


When you decide to buy a sleeved blanket, I hope this blog helps you to learn more about it from different perspectives. There is no doubt that a blanket with arms is necessary for our daily life, which can be used all year round.

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