Maintenance Tips for Sherpa TV Blanket

Maintenance Tips for Sherpa TV Blanket

Maybe most people want a blanket with sleeves in daily life because nothing is cozier than a thick, cuddly sherpa TV blanket draped over your couch in the cold weather. People would prefer a product with high quality so that it saves them money on this particular aspect. In fact, sherpa TV blankets will maintain their fluffy texture and prolong service life if you put a bit of thought into their daily maintenance. So why not do it? For your reference, there are some tips on how to take care of the wearable blanket with sleeves for adults.


Tip 1: A Wearable Blanket With Sleeves Should Be Kept Dry

Putting a blanket with sleeves in the indoor for a long time will cause it to become moldy because it is exposed to the environment. Therefore, they should be taken out to dry in a shed when the sun is strong, which can not only prevent mold, but also sterilize.

Tip 2: Avoid Putting Sharp Objects Together

In order to avoid ruining your wearable blanket with sleeves, you should not stack it with sharp, rough items, as this may cause the blanket to unravel.


Tip 3: Wearable Blankets With Sleeves Should Not Be Exposed to the Sun

The TV blanket needs to be dried by placing two bamboo poles parallel to one another. Then, you need to place the blanket over the bamboo poles, and put it in a cool place to dry slowly. Avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible, otherwise the wearable blanket with sleeves will fade and deform very quickly.

Tip 4: Store the Blanket With Arm Sleeves After Drying

To avoid mildew, blankets with sleeves should be protected from moisture as much as possible. Therefore, it is also imperative to dry the blankets before storing them. Pack a few moth balls wrapped in paper in the blanket, then wrap it in a plastic bag, seal it, and store it somewhere dry.

Tip 5: Reading Care Instructions on the Label

Please note that you should always read the manufacturer’s care instructions on the label attached to your blanket with arm holes before attempting any kind of washing. The steps described here work on most sherpa blankets, which will preserve the soft, plush texture of your sherpa blanket. But you do not wash your blanket according to the label! The good news is that you can thoroughly clean your blanket without doing any harm to it! The bad news is that if you wash your TV blanket the wrong way, you might end up with a flat, scraggly mat instead of a fluffy one.



Because TV blankets are made of different materials and require different maintenance techniques, before maintaining a blanket, you must first determine the material. After that, it must be properly maintained, in order to last a long time. Finally, we hope these 5 tips prove useful for you.


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