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Top 8 Swimming Tips for Beginners

by Little Panda 25 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Summer is here! Are you just start swimming? Swimming is a must-do activity for many people in summer. It not only can for exercise but also play a role in cooling in the hot summer.

To keep us safe, whether, for fun or a race, we have to be ready to start. Here are some swimming tips for beginners. Hope can help you know more about swimming.


Before Swimming

  1. Prepare Swimming Gear
  • Swim Goggles

For beginners, it's hard to open your eyes underwater for the first time. Swim goggles can help you see better underwater and to help protect your eyes.


  • Swimsuit and Waterproof Shoes

A swimsuit is a must for swimming. You can choose the swimsuit according to your favorite style.

If you like plenty of freedom of movement, you can choose swimsuits with a high-leg cut and an open back.

If you prefer a swimsuit that covers more skin, then you can choose a one-piece swimsuit.


Don’t forget to bring waterproof shoes. The poolside is always wet and slips easily. So wearing a pair of waterproof shoes will keep you from slipping.

  • Sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays are very strong in summer. We should bring sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Pay attention to applying a waterproof sunscreen, and remember not to use skin care products before swimming. Otherwise, the swimming goggles will easily fall off.


  • Water

Swimming consumes a lot of body capacity and water, so we need to bring a bottle of water to replenish water in time to prevent dehydration after swimming.


  • Bring a Set of Clean Clothes

Don’t forget to bring a set of clean clothes to wear after swimming. It’s easy to get cold when you come out of the pool and the wind blows because you are still wet. You can choose to bring a wearable blanket that is both warm and convenient.


  1. Do a Warm-Up Exercise

Before getting in the water, it’s essential to do a warm-up exercise. The temperature in the water is a little lower than the human body temperature. If you do not do a warm-up exercise, you are prone to have muscle cramps.


During Swimming

  1. Learn to Breathe

For beginners, the first thing you need to do is learn to catch your breath underwater. Swimming requires holding our breath to prevent water from entering our windpipes. Of course, it's not required to always hold your breath underwater. So the next thing we need to learn is to breathe underwater. Take a deep breath first and hold your breath underwater. Then exhale slowly with your mouth in the water, wait until the breath is almost finished, take another breath when you come out of the water, and then quickly immerse your head in the water. Practice this over and over until you get used to it.


  1. Try to use the energy in your legs

When they first start swimming, many beginners instinctively swing their arms to prevent themselves from sinking. But if you want to swim forward, you still have to rely on kicking the leg. So try to use the energy in your legs. You can use a kickboard to train.


  1. Focus on Yourself

Many beginners will look at how other people swim and even get anxious because they swim fast. Don't be influenced by others, just focus on yourself. As a beginner, it’s hard for you to swim fast but believe in yourself. After learning, you can definitely do it.


After Swimming

  1. Take a rest

After swimming, you consume a lot of energy and physical strength. Don't rush to get up and do something else, just take a test. Give your body some time to buffer.

  1. Stretching

Remember to stretch your body, especially your legs and arms. During swimming, muscles produce lactic acid and other muscle waste, these can make you feel sore and tight. Timely stretching can help eliminate muscle fatigue and speed up muscle recovery.

  1. Have a Meal

Because swimming takes a lot of energy, we often feel hungry after swimming. So we can have a meal after swimming to replenish our energy.



Swimming is an interesting activity in summer. I believe you fully understand what swimming needs to pay attention to after reading the above tips. Be well prepared and have a try!

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