This wearable blanket hoodie with super soft and cozy faux fur keeps you comfortable while you are watching TV, reading, playing video games, or working on your computer at home.


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    Stephanie Walsh
    Fluffy and soft materials. Very Luxurious ~

    Fluffy and soft materials.It is still soft after several washes.The best gift for people working from home, especially with strong Air conditioning =)

    Dolly Nyeko
    Perfect for anyone cold-natured!

    It is so warm and soft. I love the cozy material on the outside AND the cozy lining material on the inside. I love that it’s oversized and I have plenty of room to move around. It will be perfect for those chilly morning/evenings!

    Samantha Baker
    LOVE IT!!

    OMG!! This has got to be the softest coziest thing I’ve ever had on my body. This thing is amazing and huge and amazing. I love the ears on the hood, the pocket, the rubbed cuffs. Even though I’m cold most of the time I find myself warm enough to have to take it off.

    Yvette Green
    Best Thing Ever!

    This is AMAZING for lounging! It has two layers- an inner sherpa lining with a super soft faux fur outer layer. It comes down to just past my knees and is wide enough in the body for me to comfortably tuck my knees and feet underneath. The sleeves have cuffs that effectively hold the bulky sleeves back to enable me to use my hands when needed, otherwise the sleeves are long enough to completely cover my hands for extra warmth. The hood is extremely deep and can be comfortably wrapped around your head and neck.The only con that I can think of is that this isn't the most comfortable thing to move around in, but let's be real- you're not thinking of buying this to work around the house in.Overall, this is an extremely warm, soft, and comfortable blanket hoodie. It's perfect for curling up on the couch in and is going to be my winter evening go-to item.

    Edison Murungi
    Ears for the win

    The ears were a super big hit. The kids love them. They are super soft and warm. Plenty large enough for most any adult. Well made and perfect around the campfire on these nearly spring evenings.